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Canvas Tents

All canvas tents from White Duck Outdoors are made from 100% cotton canvas and treated with a PFC-free, water repellent, mold and UV resistant finish.

Canvas Tents

All canvas tents from White Duck Outdoors are made from 100% cotton canvas and treated with a PFC-free, water repellent, mold and UV resistant finish.


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Canvas Tent

What is a Canvas Tent?

Canvas is a woven material usually made from cotton. Army duck cotton canvas is a thicker weave of cotton that lends additional sturdiness to the canvas fabric, especially when it’s double-fill cotton canvas.

The best canvas tents are built from 100% army duck cotton canvas. Canvas makes for an excellent fabric of choice for a heavy duty canvas tent because of how durable and breathable the material is. Canvas is also generally a more sustainable option for your canvas camping tent and offers natural water resistance when the fibers swell to close the pores to keep water out.

The most popular types of canvas tents are:

  • Canvas wall tents
  • Canvas bell tents
  • Canvas cabin tents

Canvas Tents at White Duck Outdoors

At White Duck Outdoors, we manufacture and supply industry-leading heavy duty canvas tents for sale that have been designed through decades of experience in the outdoors and continuous feedback from our community and customers. All our small and large canvas tents are built with our proprietary DYNADUCK fabric, which is 100% double-fill army duck canvas, treated with a PFC-free fire water repellent, mold, mildew & UV resistant finish.

A canvas tent from White Duck Outdoors arrives outdoors ready - which means when you order your heavy duty camping tent, you’re going to receive all the poles, angle kits, stakes & pins, guylines and a tool kit with it.

The best canvas tent is one that’s packed with functionality so you can get outdoors, stress-free and relaxed. All the canvas camping tents for sale come with a built-in stove jack, storm windows, premium bug mesh on the doors and windows and pocket organizers at no additional cost.

We offer a complete range of outdoor tents for sale, which include the wall tents, bell tents and canvas cabin tents. These are available in a variety of sizes, and could be a large canvas tent or one designed to be a 2 person canvas tent, like the Mini Regatta. You can also find a range of colors, including beige, olive, brown and white tents.

Naturally, the tent price is contingent on the type, size and fabric you opt for. For example, the tent price of a small canvas tent with water repellent fabric would be lower than that of a 4 season canvas tent like the Alpha Wall Tent with a fire retardant fabric.

The Benefits of Canvas Tents

A canvas tent holds advantages over other traditional, synthetic tents because of the nature of cotton that lends several benefits to canvas tents. These include:

  • Durability: Canvas tent material is extremely durable, especially when made from army duck canvas, which is a stronger, double-fill material. They’re built to last a lifetime and if they do get damaged, they’re always repairable. The great thing about these high quality tents is that they can be 3 or 4 season canvas tents. So whether you’re looking for a summer option to enjoy the outdoors or are in search of winter tents for sale, canvas tents do the job.
  • Breathability: Cotton possesses natural breathable qualities that make it a uniquely useful material for making high quality tents. The breathability means the temperature inside the tent is regulated, so the canvas tent stays warm in cooler weather and cool in the hot, summer months.
  • Water repellency: Cotton canvas tents actually benefit from water in that the fibers swell after exposure to water, which makes the cotton fabric more water repellent by tightening the weave in the construction of the material. Canvas tents can also be treated with a water repellent finish to further enhance this.
  • Treatments: Canvas tents can be subjected to a variety of treatments to give them the long-lasting durability that we all expect from our tent shelters. This includes being treated to be water repellent, fire retardant, mold and mildew resistant, and also UV resistant.

Uses of Canvas Tents

We have canvas tents for sale that are extremely durable, spacious and versatile, which makes them ideal for a number of different uses. These include:

  • Camping: Although generally larger and heavier than synthetic camping tents, canvas tents are better for standing up to all types of weather. The canvas material also makes them breathable, so whether you’re summer or winter camping, the temperature inside the camping tent keeps you comfortable. You can also find a 4 season canvas tent, making them perfect for camping in the winter months.
  • Glamping: Canvas tents are ideal for glamping because of their spaciousness and durability. Canvas tents have ample space for furniture and for people to stand up and walk around comfortably. The 100% cotton canvas is treated to be water repellent and UV resistant, so you can set it up for extended periods of time outdoors.
  • Hunting: Designed to last a lifetime, canvas tents are well suited to longer excursions if you’re planning to get out for a hunt for an extended duration. Our canvas tents also come with a bug mesh and storm doors and windows, so you can face almost any weather when living in your tent. With the amount of space and height they offer, canvas tents also allow you to bring all your gear to set up for weeks on end.
  • Car camping: While canvas tents tend to be heavier than traditional camping tents, that concern is nullified when car camping. Going car camping means weight tends not to be an issue, so canvas tents can be the perfect trip companion.
  • Festivals: Canvas tents are ideal for taking on trips to music festivals or other kinds of larger gatherings. Festivals can be in any season and a canvas tent ensures that you’re well-prepared to face any kind of weather. Canvas tents also look great, and with features like a D-ring on the center pole of a bell tent or O-rings in cabin tents, there are plenty of unique, creative ways to decorate them so your tent stands out from all the others. At the end of a long, activity-filled day when you need a good night’s sleep, there’s no better option than a White Duck Outdoors canvas tent.