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Glamping Tents

Glamping tents made from 100% cotton canvas offer the space, luxury and durability you need for the ultimate glamping experience in the outdoors.

Glamping Tents

Glamping tents made from 100% cotton canvas offer the space, luxury and durability you need for the ultimate glamping experience in the outdoors.


THE SLEEK, SPACIOUS CABIN TENT The Prota Cabin Tent is a modern take on the traditional cabin tent...
THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
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A STYLISH, PREMIUM BELL TENT The Avalon Bell Tent is a premium, high end bell tent that goes...
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Glamping Tent

Glamping Tents Designed for Luxury & Comfort. Free Shipping & Returns. Free Quote. Go Glamping in Style with 5 Star Luxury 100% Cotton Canvas Tents.

Best Glamping Tents, Luxury Safari and Bell Tents in USA for accommodation. Ideal for Holiday Resorts, Outdoor Wall Tent Villages and Camping in Outdoors on Wooden Platforms.

White Duck Canvas Tents are the ideal choice and are being used at various Glamping Camp Sites across North America for Glamping and Outdoor Camping with family, friends and loved ones.  

Best Glamping Tents in USA

Our Canvas Tents: The Answer to Luxury Lodgings for Outdoor Accommodation

When it comes to camping, choosing luxury camps is probably the best alternative that you can opt for. Camps are no mockery because they are the only thing that can save you from the adverse weather and that’s why you need to pick the best glamping tents that can meet your standards of the trip. If you have to select one glamping tent then White Duck Outdoors can provide you the best luxury lodging for outdoor accommodation.


Your glamping tent protects you from the elements and forms years of outdoor memories. Your home in the outdoors, a glamping tent is one of the biggest purchases an outdoor enthusiast can make. We offers myriad different options in canvas tent for those who love the great outdoors, but prefer not to give up all the comforts of home. Our high performance canvas tents are durable, sturdy, easy to setup, spacious, properly ventilated and can withstand the test of time and all weather conditions. Our ingenious range of luxury glamping tents is the culmination of outstanding product development, superior quality materials, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Glamping Tent Capacity

Size is everything. Whether you are backpacking light, going on a mass family camping holiday or anything in between, the size of your glamping tent will have a huge impact on your overall trip. When planning for your glamping trip, look for tents that are spacious and gives plenty of room for you to walk around, store your belongings and easy access to your camping gear. Our Avalon Bell Tent and Alpha Wall Tent sizes are large enough to accommodate 2 to 14 people all under the same roof.

Fabric- Why Breathable Cotton Canvas is our material of choice?

Our incomparable product quality is derived from the use of traditional 100% breathable cotton canvas fabric that enable our products to have a long lasting and comfortable impact. Furthermore, cotton is breathable and insulates extremely well by reducing condensation inside the tent, providing protection from getting hot on a warm day, or cold when it is frosty, making it a superior material choice. We have used breathable finishes that protects your canvas glamping tent from Color fastness, Mold or Mildew and harmful UV rays.



Easy Setup

When you arrive at the location or the campsite, your body longs to take a rest after a long drive and will get even more tired setting up a glamping tent which is why every tent should include intuitive set up design, where you can have the tent completely set up in less time. All of our canvas tents are easy to pitch, take down and easy to transport.  Whether you are setting off for a backpacking trip or a hunt, you need something, light durable and easy for storage camp. Thankfully you can get the best glamping tents in the size that you want and that too in a light cotton fabric. Our luxury glamping tents are easy to pitch and you can also personalize them as you want. Our tents can accommodate your huge hunting group or just your partner with whom you are on a romantic date. Isn’t that amazing?

Spacious and Super Ventilated Glamping Tent

There should be plenty of strategically placed windows and air vents to keep you protected in every condition. Our Alpha Wall Tents have durable 3-layer storm large triangular distinctive windows and Avalon Bell tents have window on each panel with an option of fully functional roll up side walls which is a multifunctional feature which is easy to convert to customize your glamping tent set up.

4 Season Performance

A quality glamping tent should be equipped to handle the heat of a scorching sun, strong gust of winds, heavy snow and misty mornings or rainy evenings. We have designed our Avalon Bell Tents as a 3 season and Alpha Wall tents as a sturdy 4 season tent for those who want to camp, hunt or glamp out in winters. If you are "fair weather" camper only and want to glamp when it’s a calm and sunny day, your glamping tent doesn't need to be top of the range. We have designed our Regatta series for this sole purpose. They are light weight, easy to setup and have all the necessary feature you need in your glamping tent.

Bug Proof

You don't want to spend all day cooped up just to get away from the bugs! Make sure your ideal glamping tent is equipped with high quality no-see-um mesh bug mesh door and windows to protect you from bugs and critters that may cause vector borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria or Zika. The protective mesh will allow you to open the tent for a breeze or a clear view without worrying about bugs or mosquitoes so you can enjoy the view yet stay protected.

Glamping Tent Stove Compatibility

To keep warm when glamping at the cooler times of year, we typically rely on blankets, good clothing, and higher spec sleeping bags but there is another way to heat your tent: a cook or camp stove are perfect for keeping you warm, as well as cooking. With the easy setup feature, our glamping tents also give you the freedom of a spacious and ventilated ambiance so that your tent doesn’t necessarily choke you to death. The tents are insect repellent and come with stove compatibility for keeping you warm and comfortable. Every glamping tents need to be compatible with a tent stove that will make your trip more fun and practical.


Durable Zippers

When it comes to glamping, the quality of tent zippers cannot be compromised. Imagine tucking in for the night after a very rainy day of camping, only to find that the tent zipper refuses to zip close and its teeth has come loose. Without a repair kit and replacement zipper on hand, the glampers will soon be in for a very wet, cold, and windy night. It’s important to look for high quality and top-grade zippers while choosing your tent.  The zippers in our glamping tents won’t break in the first use and they are durable so you don’t need to worry about the quality. We use military-grade top-quality zippers in all of our canvas tent ranges which is stable and won’t break because of pressure or start to become rusty and tarnish due to the exposure of light, wind or snow.


You can use the glamping tents in a multitude of occasions, events and trips. Here are some of these listed below. Have a look!

  • Glamping Organizations and Site Owners
  • Hunting Organizations/Associations
  • Luxury/Yoga/Music/Yoga/Wellness/Spa/Spiritual/Writer/Military Retreats
  • Boy Scout Associations
  • Event Planning Companies for Outdoor Events, Music Festivals, Weddings, Backyard Fun Parties
  • Niche lodging and outdoor lifestyles
  • Film Set/Production Coordinator

Not sure which tent to buy? Contact us to help you choose the best tent for your outdoor pursuits. But before that you should be asking yourself what type of glamping will you be doing? Is it front country glamping, wild backcountry glamping, impacted area glamping or pristine area glamping? Your plans will determine the type of canvas tent you will need.