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Hunting & Outfitter Tents

Hunting & outfitter canvas tents are built to last you weeks in the outdoors. Stay comfortable and sleep soundly so you're always on top of your game.

Hunting & Outfitter Tents

Hunting & outfitter canvas tents are built to last you weeks in the outdoors. Stay comfortable and sleep soundly so you're always on top of your game.


THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
THE SLEEK, SPACIOUS CABIN TENT The Prota Cabin Tent is a modern take on the traditional cabin tent...
THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
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Hunting and Outfitter Tents

Our Alpha Wall Tent Series is ideal for Big Game Hunting for Outfitters and used in Harsh Weather in Snow for Hunting of Deers, Elk and Backcountry Backpacking when used with Stoves.


The Hunting Tents perform best with a Fly Sheet in Snow and other adverse Conditions in Cold Weather when used with a Stove.  Often we have specials and Sale on Some of our Hunting Tents so keep checking under the sales section for Deals we may have on offer for Outfitters, Hunters who are going camping for Big Game Hunting.

Best All-Weather Canvas Wall Tents for Hunting, Outfitter and Camping


A wall tent is a hunter’s home in a remote area or a shelter for every wilderness enthusiast in extreme weather. If you like to hunt as a sport or have hunted your entire life, you will undoubtedly want to invest into a quality hunting tent. Winter season is here and it’s better to be prepared for the worst if you are hunting elk in the high country or planning your wilderness vacation.  

When it comes to choosing tent for hunting or camping, canvas tents have an allure thats expanded beyond hunting. As this tent will be your home away from home, it should provide a comfortable abode in the wild. Nothing says elk hunting in the rocky mountains or in the wild quite like a wall tent. Hunting and wall tents have become an iconic symbol of American West as they are considered as a ‘back to nature thing’ and give a homey feeling especially when it starts to rain or snow outside. These four-season tents also go by different names like outfitter tent, safari tent, or sheepherder tent; a type of tent that has four straight vertical walls that provide more headroom and are used by hunters because they can accommodate several people and their supplies.

You cannot discuss American history without considering the role of hunting. From the heyday of the Native American buffalo hunter to the modern-day bow hunter, hunting has played a rich and prominent role in American culture. It has become ingrained in national heritage and become part of a vast tradition that uniquely qualifies it as the classic American sport.

Hunting tents need to be some of the most extreme tents and we at White Duck Outdoors surely understand this fact. Outfitter Tents are like a hunter’s second home that he always relies on. Hunting and wildlife viewing are some integral features without which any gossip about American culture is incomplete. If you are more of an old-school man and you want to go hunting with your pack of hunters, then our hunting tents can be your ultimate escape.

In the United States. In 2017, more than 15 million people participated in hunting. In the U.S., hunting is generally regulated on a state-by-state basis but all protected species hunters country-wide are required to hold a hunting license. There were 15.49 million paid hunting license holders in the U.S. in 2017.

Since hunting trips require you to stay out in the wild for weeks so it is crucial to have proper planning about where you will be staying,  all the essential hunting gears to survive there and a good hunting tent that can withstand years of use. While deciding which tent to buy, you need to consider sleeping capacity, seasonality, comfort level and period of stay.

Perfect for every sort of weather and ideal for any terrain the camps are a real delight to hunt in. The tents are easy to pitch and even if you have to stay in the wild for weeks or months, the tent will be a great place to rest and blow some hunting air on your instincts. With great built, the hunting tents that we offer are also made from double-stitched seams and great quality fabric, so you don’t have to worry about changing tents every year when you set out for a hunting trip.

Here are few things to consider when you are looking to purchase one of our canvas wall tents:

Multifunctional Features:

Wall tents provide maximum comfort and protection in extreme weather conditions. Our tents come standard with many features that other manufacturers would charge extra for i.e. Aluminum Frame, Windows, Stove Jack, PVC floor, Sod Cloth and many more


Canvas outfitter tents on the side of the road are a common scene during the hunting season. Outfitters and Hunters love the durability, comfort, and space that the canvas fabric offer.

The tent fabric should be a beast! Be wary of cheap canvas when you are looking for canvas wall tent. Our tent cover was made from 100% cotton 10.10 oz. Army Duck Double Fill Canvas provides maximum breathability and keeps you warm during the whole trip. There are two fabric options to choose from i.e. Water Repellent and Fire Water repellent.

Double Stitched Seams:

The door top webbing is reinforced so the frame won’t rub through as it is another place that gets extensive wear and is prone to tearing. All the seams are double-stitched which gives an added strength to the tent.


The best thing about our canvas tents are the zippers, we have used military grade YKK Zippers not only on doors but windows as well. As it is the most used accessory, it should be efficient and functional. Cheap zippers are a hassle and will take the fun out of your hunting trip so always look for quality zippers in the tent.

Spacious and Properly Ventilated:

Our canvas wall tents are fully ventilated because of the four large triangular windows. The windows have 3 layers; there is a storm flap at the outer side with a detachable hook system. You can either roll it up or down according to the weather or your requirement. It is an all-weather tent as both the doors and windows have high-quality PVC dipped mesh so you can enjoy the weather and cross ventilation by keeping your doors and windows open or close without worrying about insects, bugs or chilly weather. The side walls are 5’ tall with a peak height of 9’ that gives ample and unobstructed space to move inside the tent to sleep and store your belongings.

Storm Weather flap:

The door has a storm flap that protects the zipper from rain and heavy snow, also, it secured the door. Other companies charge you extra money to get this storm flap. It also has an extra 6” eave shade that was really helpful during heavy rains as it stops the water to enter the tent.

Sod Cloth:

Heavy-duty sod cloth act as a wind barrier and keeps the tent off the ground which is an added advantage if the tent is set up on a wet ground

Bungee Cord:

Many companies use D-rings or Grommets which don’t perform well in extreme weather conditions and might get ripped off due to heavy winds. Our Alpha Wall hunting tents have bungee cords installed with the straps for attaching the tent cords to the spikes. They allow about an inch+/- movement for wind before allowing the cord to put pressure on the sewn strap.

 Stove Jack:

The cookstove is a necessity when you are out in the wild and have to live in a tent for an extended period. Our canvas tent includes 5” oval heat-resistant stove jack opening with a weather flap allowing for a 5” round pipe to fit perfectly with the pitch of the roof- ultimate way to stay warm in the winter. There is also a pattern outlined for 6” size so if anyone needs a bigger opening, they can simply use a scissor to adjust it accordingly. The stove jack can also be used as a stove vent.

Snow Load Poles:

It is recommended to get a pair of central arch poles, also known as snow load poles separately. Sometimes, the accumulated weight of snow and ice could bring your tent down. If there is a chance of heavy snow, install the snow load poles that could go right underneath the bracket on the trusses in the middle, trusses are the part that goes across from sidewall to sidewall.

Tent Accessories:

If you want to enhance your tent life, you should also buy a fly sheet separately. If you want to increase tent capacity, get a porch for added space that could be used for cooking, relaxing, enjoying the view, storage space, cooking or eating area.

The zippers are also durable and they are strong enough to not let any bugs or bees fly inside. The outfitter tents that we manufacture are made up of sod cloth that won’t let you be sorry about the damp ground or the moisture outside your shelter. You get snow load poles and other tent accessories with the outfitter tent as well so it is a win-win situation because you won’t be blowing all your money on just one hunting trip.

If you’re looking for a big, burly tent to use as a base camp for weeks or months on end, give these a look. Our canvas tents are well made, easy to assemble and provide a wide interior space for you to move inside freely.