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At White Duck Outdoors, we're changing the way people get outside with their gear. With a focus on sustainability, quality, user experience and innovation, we're making it easier than ever for anyone to fall in love with the outdoors and #reconnectnow — and it starts with you.

Perks of Working at White Duck

Work from anywhere you

like, it's entirely up to you


Be a part of a lean organi-

-zation and have a tangible,

long-lasting impact

Set your own working

hours in the day


Take on new initiatives

and identify creative

avenues for growth

Work in a rapidly growing

outdoor startup, in an

ever-expanding industry

Be close to all aspects of

the business including

marketing & operations

What Makes Us, Us

All-in Ownership

Every victory and every slip-up is on everyone. We never say, "that's not my job" and there's no job that's too big or too small. If you're at White Duck, you own everything White Duck — and that passion drives us to continuously achieve.

Kick-Ass Customer Service

We're obsessed with wowing our customers. We go above and beyond to serve customers with the high-quality products and care that we would expect. No matter what role you're in, it's your responsibility to ensure customers always walk away with a smile.

Here for Each Other

We create a safe space to be who you are and value diversity because that's how we become the best version of ourselves. We place an emphasis on trust, open communication and respect. We ride every high together, and we pull each other up when we're down.

Settle for More... No, Never Settle.

We push the boundaries of what's possible across the entire business, from our products, to our customer experience to what we achieve personally. Innovation is in our DNA and we're always on the hunt for the next big opportunity. Stay curious and never get complacent.

Don't Make Customers Think.

We're hyper focused on designing for functionality and customer experience, so our customers aren't forced to think about "how", they can just "do". We build the best products and seamless experiences.

One Planet.

Getting outdoors is in the fabric of who we are and that means we do everything we can to protect the planet. We source responsibly, we minimize manufacturing waste and we design products that are easy to reuse or dispose of. Always think about how your decision impacts the world we live in.

University Programs

Sales Leadership Program

At White Duck Outdoors, we've been growing over 1200% every single year, and that means sales is an essential component of our organization. From finding solutions for glamping businesses to expanding the global reach of our distributor network, business-to-business sales is becoming a crucial driver behind our growth.


With that in mind, we've developed a complete Sales Leadership Program to accelerate your entry into the sales world and help you become a vital part of any company.


Learn more about the Sales Leadership Program


During your internship, you will be assigned a mentor and be fully immersed into all things White Duck, not just aspects of the business specific to your role. We're a lean, agile team and we all take responsibility for the success and growth of the business, which you will be an integral part of.


We're always looking for innovative, ambitious people to be a part of the team, so if you're interested in marketing, customer success, sales or sustainability internships and believe you can make a lasting contribution, send us an email at That's right, if we feel you're a fit, we'll carve out a role for you.

Career Openings

Sales Leadership Program

The Sales Leadership Program is a way for new graduates or people new to this function to fast-track their entry into the sales world. You will learn the fundamentals of sales and be immersed in the growth of White Duck, all while working along a small, supportive and creative team. The Sales Leadership Program is a way to make a tangible impact, develop meaningful relationships and acquire skills necessary to be successful as a sales professional in any organization.

The Sales Leadership Program includes:

  • Training on key sales strategies including reaching out to prospects, understanding customer needs, and negotiations. We also train on renowned sales methodologies, like Sandler and Challenger.
  • Product-specific education to equip you to tackle any challenge or question from customers.
  • Tracking key performance indicators and ensuring continued success throughout the program by hitting targets.
  • Creating an understanding of how to manage your day-to-day in a sales role, including scheduling sales activities, setting meetings and reporting.
  • Mentorship from key personnel in the organization, including the Director of Sales and Head of Marketing.
  • Personal and professional development to prepare you to be a sales leader not just at White Duck Outdoors but at any company.