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Retail Partners & Dropshippers


At White Duck Outdoors, we value and actively seek partnerships with strong, reliable stores, retailers and dropshippers and other resellers around the world.


We manufacture and sell durable, high-performance canvas-based gear for the outdoors. We deliver a premium line of canvas tents, bags, tarps & covers, and other gear and accessories.


We've consistently grown 1000%+ year-over-year and White Duck Outdoors is fast becoming a household name in the outdoor community. With White Duck products in your store, you can expect consistent sales from new and repeat customers and to be a part of a growing network of outdoor lovers that value high quality, sustainably produced gear.


If you're not a retailer or dropshipper but wish to purchase in bulk for your private or public organization, please visit our Business Customers page to learn more about our process and connect with our sales team.

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What sets us apart

Product Quality

Our products are engineered and strenuously tested for durability and maximum outdoor performance in all seasons.

Customer-first Approach

We have a customer-first product design approach to ensure every aspect of our products is meticulously planned for maximum utility.

Easy To Use

Ease of use and simplicity is at the core of our design process so that people of all experience levels can enjoy White Duck products.

Competitive Pricing

All our products include everything you need to be outdoors successfully while remaining price competitive.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We're a part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and are continuously investing in sustainability efforts to manufacture responsibly and reduce waste.

What you can expect from us

Complete onboarding process to get up and running quickly


Constant innovation and introduction of new SKUs (currently 100+)

Fast, flexible shipping options from multiple locations around the US


Free Returns & White Duck Warranty

24/7 support over phone, email and chat