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Wedding Party Tents, Garden Tents and Camping Tent Rentals


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America's Favorite Bell Tent The Regatta Bell Tent is the most popular bell tent with how functional, versatile...
THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
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A STYLISH, PREMIUM BELL TENT The Avalon Bell Tent is a premium, high end bell tent that goes...
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Wedding Party Tents and Garden Tents

Our Canvas Tents are very popular for Wedding Party Tents as guests for Glamping with specialist wedding event managers, often they have been used for accommodation for special wedding and parties for guests or as a honeymoon lodge. 


The Canvas Tent are also very popular for Summer Camping in Back Gardens of houses as Children Play Tents and for family retreats and BBQ or overnight camping. The cotton fabric makes them ideal in Hot and cold weather and the addition of stove makes them popular for cold weather as cotton fabric is breathable.

Tent Rental Companies and Event Managers choose White Duck Outdoors as they are built to last and perform under harsh conditions. 

Often we have tents on sale under our sales section, please keep checking for various specials we have on offer from time to time.

We offer best music festival tents for hassle-free festival camping so you can stay sheltered, dry and happy with these comfortable festival tents for every budget, style and group size

If you're going to camp this year at a festival, you're likely to be hunting for one of the best festival tents to sleep and relax. Some festivals spread into multi-day events, with the campsites opening one or two days before the official start of the festival. If you're looking to make a holiday out of the one you're attending, you'll need a more comfortable and well ventilated weatherproof festival tent to help you stay outside comfortably for longer.

Music festivals are a perfect way to socialize, enjoy something new and heart-pounding, and live it. You're going to do anything to jam and watch your favorite artists and bands perform live. You should put up a tent in the crowded field with your mates, under the sun.

Some of the famous music festivals that can’t be missed:

Coachella: It is potentially the world’s most famous and lucrative music festival featuring alternative and independent music. They're held in Indio, California every April.

Electric Daisy Carnival: The world's largest electronic dance, house music, and dubstep rave is held in either May or June of each year in Las Vegas. In addition, various events are held in NYC, Miami, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. A blood-pumping, non-stop party with star-studded DJs

Summerfest: One of America's largest and cheapest music party. It takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, every year from late June to early July and features various artists from different genres.

Burning Man: They said that this is not a festival, but a radical self-expression and self-reliance artistic community. Every year there are specific art themes, and metamorphoses are the theme of this year. Participants are encouraged to take part in activities and to exhibit their talents for fun. This takes place every year from August 25 to September 2 in the Black Road Desert in Nevada.

If you're going to take part in a music festival or an outdoor party and plan to stay there for a while or want to have a glamping experience, then a camping tent is a must. Most festival campers complain about the lack of a decent shade and ventilation in their tents.

Some of them only use covers to protect them from the rays of the sun. Campers will quickly get sunburned in this hot weather, which is a headache due to the crowd you brush with during the festival. So, one of the reasons they're dumping their tent after the event is because it's not so safe.

The intense summer heat can be deadly and can really ruin the spirit, so some people prefer tents that are not only waterproof, rainproof and windproof, but also have a cooling system that can provide protection from the sun's light. Here are some of the tents you can use in your next camping music festival.


  1. Blackout fabric: Nothing sucks more than being woken up by blazing sunshine. Our Family Explorer Tents feature 12 oz. Reflective Silver-coated SunBlock Canvas Roof that blocks out sunlight and make inside temperature much cooler in hot summer days
  2. Waterproof tent and groundsheet: A festival tent must be adequately waterproof to cope with rain that may occur in full monsoon style during the festival season. This also means that it is important to have a good ground sheet and good ventilation. All of our canvas cabin tents are water repellent.

Our beautiful luxury Avalon & Regatta bell tents are our best round up festival tents because of the ample space it offers. And, yes, it looks glamorously good. When you turn your trip to the festival into a longer break, this bell tent can be filled with glamping luxuries like rugs, pillows and an inflatable mattress. You are protected from dewy grass by a zipped-in groundsheet in Avalon Bell tents, and the sides of the tent can be rolled up to allow a fresh breeze in.

At White Duck Outdoors, we have selected 10.10 oz, 100% Cotton Army Duck Canvas fabric for all our Canvas Camping Tents and Accessories range which includes Canvas Wall Tents, Canvas Bell Tents, Canvas Family Explorer tents. Our range of tents are suitable for Hunting, Camping and Glamping in the Outdoors at Music Festivals, Back country in the Wilderness and With Outfitters or Family excursions and adventures.