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Adjustable Telescopic Snow Load Poles

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Our supreme adjustable snow load poles are the perfect companion for backpacking, hunting, glamping, road-tripping or any outdoor trip! You can use it for outdoor shelter on the beach or as a resting point during a hunt, hike or trail in the wilderness. If you are experiencing harsh climate conditions or unpredictable weather, these poles are the best way to ensure your canvas wall tent stays erected to keep you and your belongings protected. It is always better to be prepared and have an extra set of poles on hand, just in case something went sideways or the trip doesn’t go according to your plan, this way you won’t be stuck out in the wilderness with no shelter. Our snow load poles are ideal for canvas wall tents of all sizes.


The poles are hassle free, extendable and very easy to use. They are made to be universal for all of our canvas wall tent range and are adjustable up to 8-9 feet. There is a U-Bracket on top which fits on the ridge-line to support the center. It gives additional weight support for snow load accumulation and greater stability for wind protection. They help support the frame when it has extra weight/load of snow on it. The poles are adjustable and are placed underneath the bracket on the trusses in the middle frame. The canvas wall tents can adjust up to two poles for additional support in the wind and snow. There is a push button in the end that is used to adjust height (250-280 cm) for easy set up. We ensure the highest quality, our poles are anti-corrosion to ensure safe and happy camping!


The snow load poles are fully adjustable steel poles that adjusts to 8-9', constructed of a durable, reinforced 1.181” (30 mm) diameter silver coated steel. The steel is extruded to be of a consistent 0.043 - 0.048" (1.2 mm) thickness. These poles are silver powder coated for extra durability. The snow load poles are comprised of three parts; it has a U-bracket on top for easy installation that supports ridge of extruded Canvas Wall Tent Aluminum Frame of 30 mm diameter, the middle section has five holes spaced at 6 cm to adjust height (Maximum 275 cm & Minimum 250 cm), whereas, the third part has a reliable push button lock that provides support in adjusting the height by sliding in/sliding out the pole. We have specially designed the rubber vacuum/cap or rubber pole footing that covers the tip of the pole having floor occupying base of diameter 80 mm (8 cm) ensures a non-slip bottom for maximum support and strength so that your tent will stay secure.

Strong and Durable:

Our poles are made of silver powder coated steel, they are strong and durable. This sturdy pole is a great way to enjoy your outdoor hunting trip yet stay protected. They are the perfect camping companion.

Compact & Adjustable:

Our snow load poles can extend up until the height of 8-9 feet and as small as the compact size of 3 feet for easy storage. They come with an adjustable push button and can lock anywhere in between, to make it custom sized for you! With the super dependable and reliable locking mechanism, your pole will be locked securely at the height that you want. The lock system is user friendly and easy.

Designed to withstand extreme weather:

In order to withstand wind loads of at least 50-90 MPH and snow loads up to 25 lb. per sq. foot, consider buying snow load poles for your canvas wall tents. The poles can be used as the secondary support pole to help you create the perfect shelter.

Easy Storage:

The pole is jointed at three ends, gently twist the first two sections of the pole to loosen and insert the push button on third joint to collapse the pole for easy transport and storage.

Additional Tips:

As the winter season progresses, your canvas wall tent may accumulate more and more snow. If rain, sleet or ice are mixed in, the weight can become immense. You can help reduce the strain on your roof by removing snow before it packs too heavily, however, roof snow removal is no easy task. The best way for you to remove snow from your roof is with a plastic roof rake. Many of them come with extensions dozens of feet long, so you can reach the roof without needing a ladder. Don’t remove all the snow. You only need to keep the pile from accumulating too much. If you try to scrape every inch of snow off, you could damage the roof. Frame tents are great option for camping in relatively good conditions. However, when harsh conditions like wind gusts, rain or snow move in, pole tents present major safety concerns for campers, hunters and outfitters.


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